What We Offer

With a harmonious fusion between highly established and experienced calibres and global knowhow, ProMark offers truly priceless value to the market through consultations, sessions and services. This unparalleled expertise provided by the company empowers clients with tools and knowledge that enable them to thrive in their respective markets, thus aiding them to become pioneers in their own fields.

Organization, Talent and HR Offerings

ProMark aims to assist clients in their quest to become a high-performance, sustainable organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives. We do that by enabling them to realize their ultimate performance potential and helping them utilize this potential to its fullest capacity.

Engaging HR systems to effective human performance is simply how that potential is uncovered. Building on ProMark’s leading and genuine HR proficiency enables clients to realize their ultimate performance potential through the art and wisdom of diagnosing, and through the finesse, reliability and authenticity of scientific recommendation and thorough monitoring of implementation

The tools we use to achieve this goal begin with a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the company’s current status, thus allowing us to diagnose points of potential and, in turn, make tailored recommendations to actualize them.

The mechanisms we use in our processes include a wide range of offerings and systems that effectively enhance performance and facilitate goal achievement.

Our offerings include:

  1. Board and CG consultations
  2. Workload analysis
  3. Organization restructuring
  4. Rewards, recognition and benefits management systems
  5. Performance management and appraisal systems
  6. Succession planning approaches
  7. Manpower planning approaches
  8. Core human resource policies and procedures
  9. Full comprehensive HR audit

Talent and Human Capital Intelligence

Identifying true potential in others is a talent that requires an intricate balance between expertise and the ability to read people well. By establishing an effective platform of talent and human capital, organizations are able to build a solid pipeline for future opportunities that not only decrease hiring time, but also allow them to manage their talents effectively and according to strategic goals.

Through Talent and Human Capital Intelligence, ProMark enables clients to define and constantly refine their teams through high performance standards and criteria. By utilizing a set of sophisticated tools, we are able to shape an organization’s culture and turn it into one that walks with steady steps towards the company’s goals and aspirations. Through a thorough assessment phase, ProMark works with clients to reinforce the behaviours that will optimally support it in reaching its targets. This assessment is then converted into a solid action plan that paves the way to success.

Our offerings in this regard include:

  1. Assessment for development strategy alignment
  2. Talent management consulting for varying purposes
  3. International Behaviours and Motivators certification programs
  4. Culture shaping projects
  5. Competency profiling
  6. Outsourcing assessment services for selection and/or developmental purposes

Learning and Development Offerings

Learning and development strategies ultimately aim to better the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. When these strategies are built on human potential, they enable organizations to be future-fit and to remain in line with market changes. They also arm them with tools and knowhow that enable them to not only face challenges effectively, but perceive them before they even occur.

ProMark provides a set of learning and development offerings that are in line with the corporation’s vision and strategic priorities. These offerings are tailored to client needs and work as an effective and powerful stepping stone to reaching optimum potential. By enhancing performance and effectiveness, and by empowering people with tools for self-management and self-awareness, ProMark clients are able to achieve and measure development adequately, with emphasis on corporate objectives and goals.

The Fellowship of Leadership

ProMark experts offer their prowess to existing and potential leaders by mentoring them and accompanying them on their leadership journeys. The companionship and fellowship services offered by ProMark act as a leader springboard that enables invaluable self-discovery, self-engagement and organization-engagement.

These discoveries ultimately support leaders to achieve their intents and purposes, simply achieving the ultimate return on leadership.