Past, Present & Future

ProMark was established in 1995 with a clearly defined vision to empower individuals and organizations by helping them realize and capitalize on their true potentials. This clear-cut and ambitious vision is what made the company realize its own potential and stand today as a peerless and leading Organizational Development and Human Resources Consulting firm.

The decision to start ProMark stemmed from a deep-rooted belief in adapting individuals and organizations to the critical changes that occur in markets locally, regionally and internationally. The functions and capacities of human resources roles within organizations have deepened to unprecedented levels, and it is vital to tap into these resources and translate them into actions that reap benefits to the individual and to the organization.

As the pioneering company in Egypt to provide such fully integrated organizational and human resource consulting services, ProMark paved the way for others to follow, leading consulting practitioners across the country through their path to success.

ProMark has induced and witnessed countless success stories since its inauguration. Our portfolio of clients is one we find true and ultimate pride in, simply because the success of our clients is also our own.

Being the visionaries that we are, ProMark is in a constant state of development that enables us to maintain our pioneering status and leading reputation. What we advise our clients with, we apply on ourselves, aiming to continue to expand our own potentials and resources, and to reap more and more success stories and powerful partnerships as our journey continues to unfold.

The Philosphy

At ProMark, our tenet is strongly tied to our purpose and the overall foundation of our approach. We are believers in human potential and our duty is to recognize this potential and empower it with the tools it needs to thrive.

As practitioners of our own teachings, everyone in our team adheres to personal and professional ethics, integrity and candour. These are the traits we live by, and also the ones we convey to our clients with every single business encounter.

Developing human talent is at the very core of our beliefs and, it is with this development that corporates reach their maximum potential and achieve their strategic goals. With proper human resource management, nothing is impossible and sky-high ambitions can see their way to reality.